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The plot line left many patrons not Replica Omega Constellation Quadra Watches merely bored, but angered, as illustrated by a controversial South Park episode, which left Kyle moaning about the third film’s Alien’s.If you did not see the film, are you shaking your head right now? Aliens in an Indiana Jones story just reduces it to the absurd and mocks the classic adventure roots of the character.Indeed, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was a mockery of perhaps the greatest adventurer in modern film.Moreover, not giving Indiana Jones a Rolex is simply doing him a great disservice.First, as you can see from the pictures, Harrison Ford looks great in a Rolex watch, whether it is silver or gold.Second, like the real life adventurers that Rolex has teamed up with over the last century, Indiana Jones represents the best of man’s daring and courageous spirit.Nothing, not even Nazis or a tunnel overflowing with the grossest bugs you could possibly imagine, ever stopped Indiana from achieving his goals.In real life, Harrison Replica Omega Constellation Quadra Watches Ford looks positively awesome in his Rolex Datejust.Indiana Jones may have done better with a Rolex GMT Master II, a Rolex Explorer, or even a Rolex Submariner like James Bond.

In the end, Indiana should have had a better send-off in terms of a quality film and a Rolex on his wrist.Arguably, the most successful actor of his generation in terms of the box office, Harrison Ford chooses to wear a Rolex Datejust in his everyday life.In the thriller Frantic, renowned director Roman Polanski has Harrison Ford’s character wear a stainless steel Datejust on a Jubilee Bracelet.If one legendary film character, however, definitely should have worn a Rolex, the adventurer’s watch, it is Ford’s greatest creation, Indiana Jones.In relation to Ford’s mastery of the character, one critic wrote, “Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones.He owns the role like a seasoned Rolex.” Furthermore, like the conquerors of Mount Everest or the divers in the ocean’s deepest depths, Indiana Jones represents the very essence of Rolex quality and daring.Yet, for some unknown reason, George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg never gave Indiana a Rolex watch to wear on his wrist.Even worse, they made Harrison Ford stumble through the final film, Indiana Jones and the Replica Omega Constellation Quadra Watches Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, backed by a bad plot and a terrible screenplay.If Indiana Jones had worn a Rolex watch in the last film, he might have been checking the time to see when it would be over like members of the audience.

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In Gran Torino, Eastwood plays with his Replica Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Watches classic Dirty Harry tough guy image by showing a similar character grown up to be a bitter, angry man.“You always look for a character that can go somewhere, start one place and go another,” Eastwood said in a voice that now is almost a whisper.“I was intrigued by the Gran Torino script because it was not only about the Hmong culture, which was new to me, but it is also a kind of statement that you’re never too old to learn tolerance and learn a lot of things.Of course Walt Kowalski is a man who’ out of his time and he has trouble adjusting, but that makes hurdles to go over and they make the character fun to play.” Like Rolex, Eastwood has learned not only to love adventure and daring, but also the importance of giving back and helping his fellow man.It is hard to imagine an individual more deserving of wearing a Rolex watch than Replica Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Watches Clint Eastwood.In Gran Torino Eastwood worked with an unknown cast of non-professional actors, including Bee Vang and Ahney Her, both born in the US to Hmong parents.“

They were very nice kids and they were really earnest,” he says.“It’ interesting with the young people of the Hmong culture that, although they were born here, they all know the language of their parents and grandparents and they have a great respect for adults.” At 78, Eastwood demonstrates incredible energy and daring, continuing to evolve as an actor and an artist.If we could choose a Rolex watch for Clint Eastwood, a Rolex Stainless Steel Datejust with a Black Dial and a Fluted Bezel would be the perfect fit.With a combination of elegance and robustness, it matches the legendary character of this American icon.Legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood truly represents the daring spirit of Rolex.At the age of 78, Clint Eastwood has been receiving accolades and awards for his performance in and direction of the film Gran Torino.Although primarily known as a successful action star, Eastwood has directed more films than Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas combined, and he has won two Academy Awards for directing.Earlier this year The Changeling, directed by Eastwood and starring Angelina Jolie, was released.In his acting career, Eastwood has worn a Rolex watch in several of his films.In Firefox, he wore a Rolex GMT Master with a Jubilee bracelet, and in the hit film, In the Line of Fire, he Replica Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Watches wore a two toned Rolex Datejust.In 2007, French President Jacques Chirac awarded Eastwood the Legion of Honor, a rare distinction for an American citizen.Recognized around the world as a true artist of the cinema, Eastwood’s talent has evolved and expanded over the years.

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The direct support of military personnel by Rolex falls right into the Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Watches traditional footsteps of Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf and the legendary actions he took to support British Prisoners-of-War during the Second World War.If an allied prisoner of war was captured by the Nazis, they could write to Rolex via the International Red Cross and the company would send them a Rolex watch.Like Rolex, the International Red Cross was headquartered in Geneva.In addition to the watch, a letter would be sent to the prisoner, asking that the watch be paid for in Swiss Francs at the end of the war.Hans Wilsdorf himself wrote the letters that accompanied every watch dispatched to a P.O.W.and ran the administration of the program.The reason the British Prisoners of War needed a new watch was that most of them would have had their own wristwatches confiscated when they were captured.Wilsdorf also led programs that sent food and basic resources to the P.O.W camps while sure to support any Rolex employees and their families caught in the fighting.By supporting the Fisher House Foundation, Rolex continues to do the positive work that Wilsdorf began, expanding a tradition that reflects the very best of the corporation.Rolex has been a Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Watches long-time supporter of the foundation.Contributions from Rolex have aided the opening of Fisher Houses in Ft.Campbell, Ky.and San Antonio, Texas, in recent years.

Since its inception in 1991, more than forty Fisher Houses have been opened and by the end of 2010 as many as 59 Fisher Houses may be opened.On account of advanced medical practices, the survival rate for soldiers with extreme wounds is much higher now than ever before.The Fisher House Foundation and other organizations that support the returning veterans and their families have become essential.By supporting such a cause, Rolex recognizes the importance of caring for American soldiers not only during the conflict, but afterwards as well.If Hans Wilsdorf were alive today, he truly would be proud!Following in the tradition of founder Hans Wilsdorf during World War II, Rolex helps open Fisher House, designed to help United States veterans and their families.Dedicated to the well being of United States service men and women, the Fisher House Foundation offers aid and support to the families of military veterans who require medical care after being wounded while on duty.The Fisher Houses provide a friendly and safe place for military families to stay while visiting their loved ones in a Veterans Administration Hospital.Rolex has made what it describes as: A significant financial pledge” to the opening of the new Fisher House facilities in Los Angeles and Dallas in 2008.Allen Brill, president and chief executive officer of Rolex Watch USA, said, “We are extremely proud of our long association with the Fisher House Foundation.We Replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Watches admire their dedication to our greatest national treasure…our military men and women and their loved ones.”

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The perfect gift for Jennifer Garner is one that Replica Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow Watches complements her elegant taste and pledges continued happiness with Affleck and their children.Nothing but the most enduring timepiece would be suitable for Garner and so the Ladies Rolex Super President in lustrous 18k yellow gold with custom diamond lugs is the ideal choice.With the arrival of their second child, will Ben Affleck treat his beautiful wife to the quintessential indulgence of a new Rolex? In the past, while dating Jennifer Lopez, “Affleck dropped $50,000 on a Rolex for his beloved and another for her mother” according to People Magazine.For years, Jennifer Garner has been known as a true Rolex enthusiast, seen publicly wearing a multitude of Rolex styles.Garner has favored the versatility of the two-toned Ladies Datejust with a blue dial and a fluted bezel, and the classic opulence of the Ladies Rolex President in yellow gold.Today, as a husband and father, it seems that Affleck’s taste has moved from trendy flash to long term commitment and more refined luxury. Even the names of his children reflect a profound respect for history and sophistication.Such a beautiful watch is nothing less than remarkable, and Replica Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow Watches perfectly reflects qualities that are embodied in the names of Garner and Affleck’s daughters.

Ideally suited for an angel in human form, only Rolex could produce a watch that is so classic and so symbolic of Jennifer Garner and the values that are conveyed in every aspect of her life.Actress; Rolex enthusiast Jennifer Garner along with husband, actor Ben Affleck, welcomed a beautiful little girl named Seraphina Rose into the world at the beginning of the New Year.Joining big sister Violet, age 3, in the Garner-Affleck household; Seraphina was named after an order of angels in the Hebrew Bible known as the seraph or seraphim.Perceived in later Jewish imagery as a class of celestial beings with human form, the seraph evolved into the highest rank of Christian angels.The parents did not reveal their personal reasons for selecting Seraphina, but the name has come into style in recent years.“It kind of follows from Angelina, which has gotten super popular because of Angelina Jolie, as a spiritual, heavenly name,” says Pamela Redmond Satran, who runs nameberry.com, “Ben and Jen really put Violet on the map,” Satran says.“They transformed it from what people saw as a dowdy, old lady name to a really cute, modern choice.” Serafina (alternate spelling) is also a Marvel Comics villain who Replica Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow Watches first appeared in an X-Men story line in 2006.Although, it is unlikely that mom and dad considered the Marvel villain as inspiration; Garner and Affleck have played Elektra and Daredevil respectively, two Marvel Comics characters, on the big screen.