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Technomarine TS Magnum Clous de Paris Chronograph Mens Watch TSCMC05Hans Wilsdorf himself wrote the letters that accompanied every watch dispatched to a P.O.W.and ran the administration of the program.The reason the British Prisoners of War needed a new watch was that most of them would have had their own wristwatches confiscated when they were captured.Wilsdorf also led programs that sent food and basic resources to the P.O.W camps while sure to support any Rolex employees and their families caught in the fighting.By supporting the Fisher House Foundation, Rolex continues to do the positive work that Wilsdorf began, expanding a tradition that reflects the very best of the corporation.Rolex has been a long-time supporter of the foundation.Contributions from Rolex have aided the opening of Fisher Houses in Ft.Campbell, Ky.and San Antonio, Texas, in recent years.Since its inception in 1991 Technomarine TS Magnum Clous de Paris Chronograph Mens Watch TSCMC05, more than forty Fisher Houses have been opened and by the end of 2010 as many as 59 Fisher Houses may be opened.On account of advanced medical practices, the survival rate for soldiers with extreme wounds is much higher now than ever before.The Fisher House Foundation and other organizations that support the returning veterans and their families have become essential.By supporting such a cause, Rolex recognizes the importance of caring for American soldiers not only during the conflict, but afterwards as well.If Hans Wilsdorf were alive today, he truly would be proud!

Following in the tradition of founder Hans Wilsdorf during World War II, Rolex helps open Fisher House, designed to help United States veterans and their families.Dedicated to the well being of United States service men and women, the Fisher House Foundation offers aid and support to the families of military veterans who require medical care after being wounded while on duty.The Fisher Houses provide a friendly and safe place for military families to stay while visiting their loved ones in a Veterans Administration Hospital Technomarine TS Magnum Clous de Paris Chronograph Mens Watch TSCMC05.Rolex has made what it describes as: A significant financial pledge” to the opening of the new Fisher House facilities in Los Angeles and Dallas in 2008.Allen Brill, president and chief executive officer of Rolex Watch USA, said, “We are extremely proud of our long association with the Fisher House Foundation.We admire their dedication to our greatest national treasure…our military men and women and their loved ones.”The direct support of military personnel by Rolex falls right into the traditional footsteps of Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf and the legendary actions he took to support British Prisoners-of-War during the Second World War.If an allied prisoner of war was captured by the Nazis, they could write to Rolex via the International Red Cross and the company would send them a Rolex watch.Like Rolex, the International Red Cross was headquartered in Geneva.In addition to the watch, a letter would be sent to the prisoner Technomarine TS Magnum Clous de Paris Chronograph Mens Watch TSCMC05, asking that the watch be paid for in Swiss Francs at the end of the war.

Technomarine TS Magnum Chronograph Mens Watch TSCM15 two-toned Ladies Datejust

Technomarine TS Magnum Chronograph Mens Watch TSCM15Garner has favored the versatility of the two-toned Ladies Datejust with a blue dial and a fluted bezel, and the classic opulence of the Ladies Rolex President in yellow gold.With the arrival of their second child, will Ben Affleck treat his beautiful wife to the quintessential indulgence of a new Rolex? In the past, while dating Jennifer Lopez, “Affleck dropped $50,000 on a Rolex for his beloved and another for her mother” according to People Magazine.Today, as a husband and father, it seems that Affleck’s taste has moved from trendy flash to long term commitment and more refined luxury. Even the names of his children reflect a profound respect for history and sophistication Technomarine TS Magnum Chronograph Mens Watch TSCM15.The perfect gift for Jennifer Garner is one that complements her elegant taste and pledges continued happiness with Affleck and their children.Nothing but the most enduring timepiece would be suitable for Garner and so the Ladies Rolex Super President in lustrous 18k yellow gold with custom diamond lugs is the ideal choice.Such a beautiful watch is nothing less than remarkable, and perfectly reflects qualities that are embodied in the names of Garner and Affleck’s daughters.Ideally suited for an angel in human form, only Rolex could produce a watch that is so classic and so symbolic of Jennifer Garner and the values that are conveyed in every aspect of her life.

Actress & Rolex enthusiast Jennifer Garner along with husband, actor Ben Affleck, welcomed a beautiful little girl named Seraphina Rose into the world at the beginning of the New Year.Joining big sister Violet, age 3, in the Garner-Affleck household; Seraphina was named after an order of angels in the Hebrew Bible known as the seraph or seraphim.Perceived in later Jewish imagery as a class of celestial beings with human form, the seraph evolved into the highest rank of Christian angels Technomarine TS Magnum Chronograph Mens Watch TSCM15.The parents did not reveal their personal reasons for selecting Seraphina, but the name has come into style in recent years.“It kind of follows from Angelina, which has gotten super popular because of Angelina Jolie, as a spiritual, heavenly name,” says Pamela Redmond Satran, who runs nameberry.com, “Ben and Jen really put Violet on the map,” Satran says.“They transformed it from what people saw as a dowdy, old lady name to a really cute, modern choice.” Serafina (alternate spelling) is also a Marvel Comics villain who first appeared in an X-Men story line in 2006.Although, it is unlikely that mom and dad considered the Marvel villain as inspiration; Garner and Affleck have played Elektra and Daredevil respectively, two Marvel Comics characters, on the big screen.For years, Jennifer Garner has been known as a true Rolex enthusiast, seen publicly wearing a multitude of Rolex styles Technomarine TS Magnum Chronograph Mens Watch TSCM15.

Technomarine TMY Men's Watch TMYM01 buildings get a premium

Technomarine TMY Men's Watch TMYM01Trump buildings get a premium.People clamor to hear his speeches, for which he gets as much as $1.5 million a pop.They buy his books.They even still watch his reality TV show, with 9.1 million viewers tuning into the Jan.7 premiere.” It makes sense for Rolex to ally with a brand as powerful as Donald Trump.And Trump’s loyalty to Rolex is no doubt due to the superior status that Rolex watches represent.So it seems that nothing but a Rolex would suit the winner of Celebrity Apprentice.But what kind of Rolex is right for the winner? Whether the winning celebrity is male or female, there are Rolex watches ideally suited to symbolize success for either.If the winner is a man, the Rolex Day Date Super President in 18k gold with a black dial and diamond lugs would be a remarkable watch for a remarkable achievement Technomarine TMY Men's Watch TMYM01.If the celebrity happens to be female, the White Gold Rolex President with a custom silver diamond dial set in 18k white gold would perfectly represent victory.However, if any of the celebrity contestants are to win, they have to avoid hearing Donald Trump’s catch phrase: “You’re Fired!” For the celebrity who survives this gauntlet of pressure and shame, a Rolex watch would be the ideal finishing touch to their triumph.

On the second season of Donald Trump’s celebrity apprentice, set in Manhattan, the winner is expected to receive a Rolex watch as a prize as well as a cash donation to the charity of their choice.Vying for the title of Trump’s “Best Business Brain,” the celebrities include retired NBA player Dennis Rodman, comedian Andrew Dice Clay, television host Melissa Rivers and many more.Since Rolex watches have been a symbol of entrepreneurial success for over a century, it makes sense that Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice should have a Rolex watch on their wrist.It is an even more likely choice when Trump’s long and positive history with Rolex watches is considered.A collector of luxury wristwatches, Donald Trump’s hotels have also sponsored a multitude of Rolex sporting events and benefitsTechnomarine TMY Men's Watch TMYM01.At the end of 2008, the Rolex Awards Reception was held at Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago country club in Palm Beach, Florida.Trump was on hand with Peter Nicholson of Rolex USA to award the LPGA Rolex Player of the Year award to Lorena Ochoa of Mexico.Ochoa has won the award for three straight years and represents the very best in women’s golf.Each year she has been presented with a Rolex timepiece and has started quite a collection herself.Rolex has had a relationship with the LPGA since 1980 and sponsors both Ochoa and Annika Sorenstram, an eight time Rolex player of the year.As a successful entrepreneur, Donald Trump always opens his hotels and resorts to Rolex sponsored events, knowing well that with Rolex there is a guarantee of quality & success.Trump’s relationship with Rolex extends beyond mere benefactor Technomarine TMY Men's Watch TMYM01.According to Business Week; “When he puts his name on bottled water, vodka, or a business suit, it sells.

Replica Jacob & Co. watches renowned musicians did play

Replica Jacob & Co. watches The renowned musicians did play live — but only those closest could hear it, and that probably didn’t include President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama or their daughters, Malia and Sasha.The Ticket has to say, they did sound marvelous.” It was 28 degrees at 12:00 pm when the quartet began their performance.In such extreme conditions, instruments consistently fall out of tune.Yo-Yo Ma was prepared for the weather though, wearing a Rolex Datejust that he knew would run perfectly despite the bitter cold.Ultimately, whether you heard the live or the recorded version of the composition, the legendary quartet led by Yo-Yo Ma rhapsodized together, symbolizing the great hope for the future that the new administration represents.The remarkably intimate interlude opened with a sober, almost melancholy theme, as if to recall the many challenges facing the country Replica Jacob & Co. watches .That gave way to a familiar melody, first intoned by the clarinet - the gently uplifting Shaker hymn, “Simple Gifts,” used so indelibly by Aaron Copland in his 1944 ballet score Appalachian Spring.Once again, with a Rolex Datejust on his wrist and the greatest musicians by his side, Yo-Yo Ma represented the very best of artistic achievement before the eyes of the world.

Just as President Barack Obama was sworn in as the new President of the United States, Yo-Yo Ma played his cello wearing a Stainless Steel Rolex Datejust on his wrist.Performing with Itzhak Perlman, Gabriela Montero and Anthony McGill, Yo-Yo Ma performed a beautiful and spiritually compelling new composition named “Air & Simple Gifts,” which classical composer John Williams wrote for the event Replica Jacob & Co. watches . Yo-Yo Ma has endorsed Rolex watches for several years, and he takes part in the Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative.As described on the Timecafe website, “Rolex is endorsed publicly by several individuals who embody ‘the constant pursuit of perfection.’ Musical greats such as Yo-Yo Ma ...Rolex’s ambassadors come from all realms, demonstrating the versatility and timelessness of the Rolex image.”The inauguration performance did create a little controversy afterwards when it became known that the music the audience, both live and on television, actually heard a version of song that had been recorded by the stellar quartet earlier in the week.The Los Angeles Times reported online: “They’re calling it the great musical cover-up, news that Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman and the rest of their Inauguration Day ensemble pre-recorded their music for fear that cold temperatures would force their instruments out of tune Replica Jacob & Co. watches .


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Tissot Men's Black T-Touch Watch #T33.1.598.51Whether you are paragliding over Argentina or deep-sea diving in the Caribbean, this watch is fully functional on land, at sea, or in the air.Are you the bookish type? Do you spend long winter nights indoors reading Victorian-era poetry? Is there a lot of tweed in your wardrobe? Then you are the right candidate for the Stuhrling Original Men Montres de Poche Marseille Mechanical Pocket Watch.Maybe you didnt think they even made pocket watches anymore, did you? Well Stuhrling Original does and this one is a beauty. The case is made of surgical-grade 316L stainless steel and it is available in either gold-tone or silver-tone. Krysterna crystal shelters the skeletonized dial, which offers a glimpse into the delicate inner workings of this fantastic timepiece. A new watch isnt going to make you a new person Tissot Men's Black T-Touch Watch #T33.1.598.51. It wont transform you into someone that you are not. But if you choose the right watch to match your personality. If you look long and hard and finally discover one that is perfect for you, then you might find that it serves as a healthy reminder of who you are. That will give you the confidence to be yourself. And nothing is more stylish than confidence.

The Stuhrling Original Men San Marco Power Reserve Leather Strap Watch has a funky design to appease your ultra-modern sensibilities.The face of this watch is perfectly square but with a slight rounding of the edges. The most interesting aspect of this watch, however, is the distorted numerals at all of the hour markers Tissot Men's Black T-Touch Watch #T33.1.598.51. They stretch and bend at odd angles, adhering to the square shape of the case and then reaching out to the circular center of the watch. This gives them an eye catching visual effect, as if they are being sucked into a black hole. You may ponder the future a lot now, but the San Marco will give you much more to think about.What if you are the sporty type? Do you live such an active lifestyle that you have trouble finding a watch that will keep up? Have no fear with the Stuhrling Original Men Millinia Sport Automatic Rubber Strap Watch.The ionic plated 316L stainless steel case makes sure that this watch is water resistant at up to 50 meters. It features a see through dial that is made of Krysterna crystal, enabling you to see all the gears ticking away. A sensible buckle clasp connects the practical black rubber strap. The dial of this watch is available in Yellow or Orange Tissot Men's Black T-Touch Watch #T33.1.598.51.

Tissot Men's T-Touch Watch #T33.1.588.51 intricate mechanisms at work inside

Tissot Men's T-Touch Watch #T33.1.588.51This watch has a window at the center of the dial so you can see all the intricate mechanisms at work inside. It runs on Caliber ST-90089 mechanical automatic movement. This watch was designed as a tribute to all of the technological advances of the new millennium by combining vintage and contemporary aesthetics.Or maybe you are a classicist. You long for days gone by and the, straightforward style that came with them. The Stuhrling Original Men Heritage Grand Automatic Leather strap watch beautifully fuses new an old.It has a large face with easy to read numerals at every hour marker except for 9:00. In this position lies a sub-dial for meticulously ticking away the seconds Tissot Men's T-Touch Watch #T33.1.588.51. There is also a small date window directly above 6:00. The strap is made of gorgeous genuine leather and clasps with a lovely buckle that has the Stuhrling Original logo engraved on it.Do you ever feel like you are ahead of your time? Do you long for something futuristic and slightly offbeat.

There is a secret to style that is so Tissot Men's T-Touch Watch #T33.1.588.51 that it amazing more people dont realize it. Quite simply, you cant go wrong with dressing to suit your personality. It may sound easy, but it requires the ability to look inward before you express yourself with what you wear Tissot Men's T-Touch Watch #T33.1.588.51.Think about the classic styles from throughout history. James Dean wore blue jeans and plain white t-shirts because he was a straightforward and rugged guy. Johnny Cash wore all black because he ached in his heart for all those who suffered in the world. Mr. Rogers wore his trademark cardigan sweater because he was a super nice old man who probably got cold all the time.The point is that a big part of looking your best is dressing in a way that matches the person you are. You will feel more comfortable and people will see and respect that.The same thing goes when you are looking to purchase a new wristwatch. You want to find one that speaks to your soul. Here are a few tips and examples to think about when you are looking for a watch that is right for you.Are you the mechanical type? Do you long to discover the way things work? Then you might be the right fit for the Stuhrling Original Men Millennia 360 Rubber Strap Watch Tissot Men's T-Touch Watch #T33.1.588.51.

Tissot Ladies Watches T-Touch Nascar T33.7.608.82 stainless steel hour

Tissot Ladies Watches T-Touch Nascar T33.7.608.82It features only the stainless steel hour and minute hands, the words ;Movado; and ;Swiss Made; at 6:00, and the traditional Movado dot at 12:00.In search of a distinctive and elegant woman watch? The Movado Women Two-Tone Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch is surely in a league of its own. The face is a long rounded rectangle and the dial is the essence of vintage Movado simplicity. It runs on Swiss quartz movement, has a push/pull crown and features a jewelry clasp. All this attaches to your wrist with a stylish and sleek stainless steel bracelet. It is even water resistant up to 30 meters.Adventurous souls may be on the lookout for something a little sportier. The Movado Men Junior Sport Stainless Steel Bracelet watch is surely the right choice for them. This watch features a chronograph as well as three smaller dials on the face. It runs on Swiss quartz movement, has a push/pull crown and attaches with a hidden folding deployment clasp Tissot Ladies Watches T-Touch Nascar T33.7.608.82. It is the perfect watch to wear whether you are hitting the slopes for some skiing or hitting the town to party.There are a lot of ways to gain style points. Keeping healthy and physically fit is important. And nothing is more stylish than a kind and friendly human being. But if you are looking for something a little extra to give your look just a bit more pizzazz, you might want to try out a Movado watch.

The highlight of this luxurious timepiece is the 35 white diamonds that are situated on the bezel. They perfectly complement the Tissot Ladies Watches T-Touch Nascar T33.7.608.82 but elegant white mother-of-pearl dial. Even the bracelet of this watch is something special with shining semi-circular stainless steel links.If you are looking for something really special then you might consider the Movado Men Valor Swiss Quartz Tungsten Bracelet watch. This timepiece is as resilient as it is sophisticated. The rectangular case is made of tungsten carbide that is silver-tone in color and the bezel (also made of tungsten carbide) is coated with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal Tissot Ladies Watches T-Touch Nascar T33.7.608.82. This watch is so glorious it doesnt just complement an outfit, it makes an outfit.The Movado Men Fiero Tungsten Carbide w/ Black Rubber Bracelet Watch has a crisp and futuristic feel to it. The original-looking face of this watch is in the shape of a slightly rounded off rectangle. The durable rubber bracelet is surrounded by stainless steel links. It utilizes a deployment clasp and runs on Swiss quartz movement.The Movado Men Riveli Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch looks like no timepiece you have ever seen. The scale-like stainless steel bracelet wraps seamlessly around the dial and makes the face look like the head of a king cobra. The dial itself is in the tradition of Movado watches Tissot Ladies Watches T-Touch Nascar T33.7.608.82.

Tissot Men's T-Tracx watch #T0104171703103 black leather strap

Tissot Men's T-Tracx watch #T0104171703103It has a black leather strap and a black face with a silver-tone stainless steel case. Black is always in style and it dominates the overall look of this watch.For a more seamless look, there is the Movado Women Kardelo Swiss Made Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch. This watch secures by using a dual deployment clasp, giving it an entirely different look than a buckle. Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal trims the stainless steel case for extra protection. This watch has a bare grey face with stainless steel hands. The Movado dot, the Movado name and ;Swiss Made; serve as its only adornments. The Movado Men or Women Esperanza Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch has a thrilling design which combines ultra-modernity with Aztec subtleties Tissot Men's T-Tracx watch #T0104171703103. The exciting part of this watch is where the face begins to connect with the bracelet. At that point the links of the band are actually separate from each other, revealing slightly the wearers wrist. This exciting watch comes in a variety of color combinations, which include silver and two-tone.Stop passersby dead in their tracks when they catch a glimpse of the Movado Women Rondiro Swiss Quartz Mother-of-Pear Stainless Steel Watch.

There are innumerable ways for people to try to change their image. You could go on a diet or start exercising more. Being physically fit is a crucial part of style, but it also takes a long time and a lot of hard work.Buying a new suit is a quicker fix, but to really look top-notch you are going to end up dropping a whole lot of money Tissot Men's T-Tracx watch #T0104171703103. Surprisingly, however, buying a classy watch is a fast way to look more stylish and it wont cost you as much as an expensive suit.Also, dropping a lot of money on a suit says only one thing about you: that you have a lot of money. But purchasing a fine timepiece says a lot more. It says that you appreciate quality craftsmanship and that you have a deep connection to the timeless art of watch.Movado watches are the pinnacle of style and grace. Here are a few examples of Movado watches that will upgrade your look in a heartbeat.The Movado Women Swiss Quartz Museum Collection Leather Strap Watch is the epitome of timeless style Tissot Men's T-Tracx watch #T0104171703103.